Video Production Services



Ideation + Creative

Filmmaking is a collaborative process all the way through. Whether you have a general idea or are in need of concepts, we will work directly with you to develop the most creative way to tell your story. Together we build out the ideas, characters and messaging to make your film emotionally resonant. The final direction gets detailed in a pre-production document.


Lossless Creative will fulfill all aspects of production as we bring the vision to life. Everything from locations to casting is taken care of by us. We work very hard on production days to make sure every shot is absolutely perfect. Films are all shot on 5K RED cameras, providing you with a beautiful and cinematic image. On location and studio audio recording is both available.


Post Production

Post production is done by our in-house editors where we meticulously build your film. Audio processing and sound mixing is fine tuned by our sound designer. We also offer internal color correction and grading. The final product is a highly polished project that looks and sounds amazing.

Original Music Scoring

Music is the emotional narrator of every film and this is why we compose original music for all of our productions. We take the viewers on a journey not only through visuals but also through sound. Our music producer has an extremely wide range and is able to build the perfect tone for any film.