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Email: Ryan@losslesscreative.com

Ryan started as a musical composer who's career began in L.A. working with some of the leading artists in the industry. From music composition spread his love for filmmaking. He now shoots in his signature style that can be recognized immediately. Ryan is full of big ideas and if you are looking for your next digital campaign grand slam, he is your guy. He brings a high level of energy and passion to every project he works on.



Email: Brad@losslesscreative.com

Brad Freeman has a traditional agency background and brings a high level of strategic thinking to Lossless Creative. His passion for strategy in combination with his love for all things creative makes him a unique thinker in approaching marketing. To him, the most important thing is that you tell a story, root your brand in authenticity, and let the lifestyle of your brand shine through. When Brad is not coordinating shoots he is often found with his photography camera searching for the perfect shot.